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Honor Participation in CSA ASEAN Summit 2022

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My honor to participate in the panel discussion of CSA ASEAN Summit for the 3 consecutive years. The panel discussion on “Cloud Security Post Pandemic: There is Much to Do, Undo, Redo or Dodo” will be moderated by Dr. Hing Yan Lee (EVP for Government Affairs, CSA). He will be joined by Philip Hung Cao (Advisor, CSA Vietnam Chapter), Dr. Sak SEGKHOONTHOD (Chair, CSA Thailand Chapter), Victor LO (Head of Cybersecurity, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation) & Faisal Yahya (Chair, CSA Indonesia Chapter). The COVID-19 pandemic saw a great pivot from on-premise to cloud computing. There is increased cloud usage & cloud adoption. Many enterprises brought forward their plans to migrate to the cloud while others have been forced to do so in order to meet business needs, cater for greater online demand in providing new services and capacity, etc. In that rush to cloud adoption, many short-cuts, hasty due diligence & decisions were made. With the benefit of hindsight, what actions should such enterprises undertake or rectify?
Người-nông-dân TekFarmer Dharmakāya lại rón-rén mò lên ngồi ở phiên thảo luận của hội nghị CSA ASEAN Summit 2022 và đây là lần thứ 3 trong 3 năm liên tiếp. Rất vui và xin chân thành cảm ơn Cloud Security Alliance đã ưu ái cho người-nông-dân. Thông tin đăng ký tham gia mình để ở đây, thân mời cả nhà cùng tham dự nhé:

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