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7 Things That Make Every Website Safer for Customers

Your website needs to be well-designed, functional, and aesthetically reflective of your brand. But — don’t forget—it also needs to be safe. Website security is a vital path of development that makes your data less vulnerable to cybercriminals, and increases the security of your customers’ financial transactions. You’ll also prevent the possibility of a massive … Continue reading

Is Your Industry at High Risk of Insider Threat?

In the movies, data theft is usually the work of outsiders. You’ve witnessed the scene a million times: A cyber thief breaks into a business, avoiding security measures, dodging guards and employees, and making off with a USB stick of valuable data seconds before he or she would have been spotted. But in the real … Continue reading

The Rise in SSL-based Threats

Overview The majority of Internet traffic is now encrypted. With the advent of free SSL providers like Let’s Encrypt, the move to encryption has become easy and free. On any given day in the Zscaler cloud, more than half of the traffic that inspected uses SSL. It is no surprise, then, that malicious actors have … Continue reading

Moving to a Culture of Trust in Digital Transformation – Perspectives from the Healthcare Industry

The move to a paperless system to improve health and social care is an ambition central to many governments around the world. (ISC)² recently held a roundtable event in London, United Kingdom (UK) inviting several people who work within the sector and the country’s National Public Health Service (NHS) to explore a range of current … Continue reading

Steps To Kick-Start Your Technical Skill Development Plan Now

Senior IT Auditor, Fortune 500 global manufacturing organization: “I joined a Big 4 firm advisory practice out of college, did two years, and then moved over to IT Internal Audit a year ago. Information security is my next goal. When I look at information security job postings, they all seem more technical than my current … Continue reading

The Growth of Macs in the Enterprise Is Challenging the PC’s Dominance

The PC has long been the default choice for business computers, but perhaps not for much longer. The growth of Macs in the enterprise has been exponential in recent years, as illustrated by the infographic below. For context on why Macs are growing in popularity in the workplace, look at some of the big-name companies … Continue reading

Auditors Play Prominent Role in Effective Cyber Security

As the business benefits from technology grow rapidly, so do related risks. The ability to communicate and interact with remote stakeholders seamlessly requires points of entry into the enterprises network that would otherwise not be present. Such entries could result in vulnerabilities for organizations that should be identified and assessed. In like manner, the identification … Continue reading

Organizations Must Be Smart, Strategic in Pursuit of Cyber Talent

Organizations are understandably concerned about how difficult and time consuming it is to find quality cyber security talent. While the fundamental causes of this skills crisis will take time and sustained focus to effectively address, there are steps that organizations can take in the short term to better position themselves to deal with their challenges. … Continue reading

How SOC Brings Value to the Business

Most organisations, after being impacted by a cyber-attack, began looking at the design of their Security Operations Center (SOC) operating model – their existing engagement with the managed service provider or their in-house SOC program – to identify the missing link because business challenged their effectiveness. This is a reality. Here is my perspective on … Continue reading

IoT Device Manufacturers Must Take Steps to Earn Trust from Professionals, Consumers

More than four in five global IT professionals (82 percent) see vulnerabilities in Internet of Things (IoT) devices as significant security concerns for organizations. Those concerns, highlighted in ISACA’s annual IT Risk/Reward Barometer, are reflective of insufficient security measures by IoT device manufacturers. One of the main culprits is IoT devices running old versions of … Continue reading

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