More Cyber Security Lessons From “The Martian”

In last week’s post, I covered the methodologies Mark Watney used to stay alive on the surface of Mars and how those lessons can be adapted for better cyber security back on Earth. As usual, this post will contain spoilers for The Martian, so close it now if you haven’t yet read the book or [...]

The Numbers Behind Cloud User Error

In the not-too-distant past, service providers had a tough time convincing enterprise IT departments that cloud platforms were secure enough for corporate data. Fortunately perspectives on cloud have matured, and more and more organizations are migrating their sanctioned file sharing applications to the cloud. Fast forward to 2020, when Gartner predicts 95% of cloud security failures will [...]

Enterprise Data Breaches on the Rise Despite Infosec Policies

The results of the 2014 Protiviti IT Security and Privacy Survey reports that: •  77% of organizations have a password policy or standard. •  67% of organizations have a data production and privacy policy. •  67% of organizations have an information security policy. •  59% of organizations have a workstation/laptop security policy. •  59% of [...]

Keep your Data and Applications Safe from CSA Top Threats

The cloud presents all kinds of opportunities for today’s enterprise, from anywhere access to anything-as-a-service. Cloud computing imposes significant security risks on the corporation, network, IT and the day to day activities of the business. How do they maintain compliance, control and ownership of sensitive data as they move from the physical environment to a [...]

CSA Guidance V.4: Domain 1 now available for review and comments

The Cloud Security Alliance’s Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing seeks to establish a stable, secure baseline for cloud operations. It acts as a practical, actionable roadmap to individuals looking to safely and securely adopt the cloud paradigm. Since it’s last revision in 2011, the cloud landscape, tools and technologies have [...]

Eleven Essential Findings from Skyhigh’s Q4 2015 Cloud Report

Our Latest Research Reveals Opportunities and Threats As Business-Critical Data Moves to the Cloud By Cameron Coles, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Skyhigh Networks Cloud services are now an integral part of corporate life. Companies use, on average, 1,154 cloud services ranging from enterprise-ready services procured by the IT department such as Office 365 to far lesser [...]

Five Tips for Not Becoming an Insider Threat

Most employees are honest, trustworthy people that would not steal from their employer or intentionally take sensitive, private information from their job and sell it. But many well-meaning employees are taken advantage of by attackers to steal data, and it can cost their employer (and customers) millions. Unintentional insider threats can cost a U.S. company [...]