Four Unit 42 Vulnerability Researchers Make MSRC Top 100 for 2018

Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 is proud to announce that four of our researchers were named to the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) “Top 100 Security Researchers List” for 2018. This is the third year Unit 42 researchers have been included in this prestigious list, which is announced every year at Black Hat. This year’s [...]

In OT Environments, Security Must Not Be an Afterthought

The dream of a cloud-enabled operational technology, or OT, environment is becoming a reality thanks to daily innovations in technology, which have the potential of turning legacy control systems into integrated IIoT instances. These changes are happening at a fast pace, and are often extraordinary in scale. Large scale ICS SCADA systems, such as those [...]

Threat Brief: Cyber Attackers Using Your Home Router To Bring Down Websites

In recent research, Palo Alto Networks found attackers were targeting home routers to take control and use them for attacks against other websites that can bring them down. Here we explain this type of attack and what you should do.   Why should I care, what can it do to me? These attacks could affect you [...]

Policy Q&A: The Basics of the NIS Directive

In this Q&A, Danielle Kriz, senior director of Global Policy, and Fred Streefland, senior manager of Product Marketing for EMEA, cover the basics of the EU’s Network and Information Security Directive and what it might mean for organizations. Fred: Let’s talk about a new cybersecurity law in the European Union, the Network and Information Security (NIS) [...]

Tech Docs: Five New Features in the Traps Management Service

That’s right! The August release of the Traps management services introduces five new features designed to simplify endpoint management and security event investigation: 1. Clickable Dashboard—From the Dashboard you can now jump to a filtered list of endpoints that share any of the following characteristics: Platform operating system License status (to view a list of all licensed [...]

DarkHydrus Uses Phishery to Harvest Credentials in the Middle East

Last week, Unit 42 released a blog on a newly named threat group called DarkHydrus that we observed targeting government entities in the Middle East. The attack that we discussed in our previous publication involved spear-phishing to deliver a PowerShell payload we call RogueRobin; however, we are aware of DarkHydrus carrying out a credential harvesting attack in [...]

Clarifying What Zero Trust Is – and Is Not

Last fall, I wrote about how people were beginning to understand the essence of Zero Trust.  Since then, there seems to have been an inflection point in industry’s embrace of Zero Trust, and now, even more people are advocating it, more vendors are posturing it as a go-to-market message, and more enterprises are moving towards adopting [...]