The Old and New: Current Trends in Web-based Threats

Summary In this blog, Unit 42 is sharing analysis and statistics from our Email Link Analysis (ELINK) from the first quarter of 2018 and highlighting interesting findings of current web threats. We will first describe statistical information about CVEs, malicious URLs and Exploit Kits (EKs), then discuss the current life cycle of these web-based threats, and wrap [...]

Sofacy Group’s Parallel Attacks

Summary The Sofacy group remains a persistent global threat. Unit 42 and others have shown in the first half of 2018 how this threat actor group continues to target multiple organizations throughout the world with a strong emphasis on government, diplomatic and other strategic organizations primarily in North America and Europe. Following up our most [...]

Security Operating Platform for Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

Information technology is transforming manufacturing by digitizing virtually every step of the modern manufacturing process – a trend referred to as “smart manufacturing” in the United States and “Industry 4.0” in Europe. Cloud computing, together with technologies such as 5G wireless, smart sensors, high-performance computing (HPC), computer-aided design, engineering and the industrial internet of things, [...]

Tech Docs: Traps Management Service Updates Are Live!

The May release of the Traps management service is now available and introduces the following key features and capabilities: Traps for Android — You can now protect your Android endpoints from malware using the new Traps app for Android. To get your end users started with Traps for Android, you create a custom installation URL from [...]

The EU’s Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive Goes Live Amidst Range of Expanding Cybersecurity Efforts

Yesterday was the “go live” date for the EU’s Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive. The NIS Directive was adopted in 2016, and as a directive, it sets out objectives and policies to be attained through legislation at an EU member state level within a certain timeframe (a process called transposition). Member states were required to [...]

Inclusion and Diversity: How Do We Lead?

At Palo Alto Networks, we’re committed to creating an environment where all the members of the team feel inspired to do their best work and contribute to the mission of protecting our way of life in the digital age. To do this, our team must better reflect the world we live in and secure with [...]