NSS Labs 2019 NGFW Group Test: Highest Security Effectiveness Score

We are excited to announce that Palo Alto Networks has achieved the highest Security Effectiveness score among all twelve products included in this year’s NSS Labs NGFW group test.  Our NGFW blocked 100% of evasions, and it earned a “Recommended” rating.

Highlights from our test results include:

  • Highest Security Effectiveness score
  • 100% evasions blocked (406 out of 406)
  • 97.87% NSS exploit block rate

We believe our strong performance in the NSS Labs NGFW Group test validates our prevention-first philosophy.  Our next-generation firewalls prevent successful cyberattacks with an architecture you can easily deploy and operate.  Using automation, we reduce manual effort so that IT and security teams can focus on high-value activities. And we continue to deliver new innovations that are natively integrated, making them easy to adopt.

In this test, NSS Labs evaluated 12 firewall products with 406 different evasion techniques, more than 2000 exploit tests and over 70 throughput measurements.  The PA-5220 running PAN-OS 8.1.6-h2 was evaluated with the Threat Prevention subscription enabled. Since this test was run we’ve added even more functionality and performance in PAN-OS 9.0; we expect the customer experience to keep getting better and better.

Our NGFW is an integral part of the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform.  Through the power of the platform, your organization can continually improve security effectiveness and efficiency throughout your environment: across the network, in the cloud and at the endpoints, including servers and mobile devices.

Read the full Test Report and Comparative Report on Security

Source: https://blog.paloaltonetworks.com/2019/07/palo-alto-networks-achieves-highest-security-effectiveness-score-recommended-rating-nss-labs-2019-ngfw-group-test/

[Palo Alto Networks Blog]

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