Standard Web Security Won’t Keep the Internet of Things Safe

The “Internet of Things,” or “IoT” is a fascinating field of technology representing growth of interconnected devices that can be controlled and managed remotely through mobile devices or many other means. The Internet of Things spans all areas of life and work, especially if we consider: Smart homes with refrigerators ordering groceries, remote controlled HVAC equipment, […]

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Unpatched Flash Vulnerability CVE-2015-0311 Blocked by Palo Alto Networks Traps

On January 22 Adobe confirmed the existence of a Zero Day affecting Adobe Flash Player and assigned CVE-2015-0311 to it. This is the classic zero day scenario of exploitation in the wild before any vendor patch was available and in this blog post we will explain how the uniqueness of Palo Alto Networks Traps […]

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Malvertising: The Dawn of a New Attack Era

In September 2014, two news sites in Israel fell victim to a malvertising campaign that affected thousands of viewers. One month later, Yahoo! and AOL became victims of a similar campaign. Malvertising concerns me more than the average attack method for a several reasons: It utilizes ad space on any web page that hosts third […]

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