How To Protect Yourself From the Latest CTB-Locker Campaign

CTB-Locker is a well-known ransomware Trojan used by crimeware groups to encrypt files on the victim’s endpoints and demand ransom payment to decrypt the files back to their original state.  Earlier this week we detailed a new CTB-Locker campaign and why legacy security products won’t protect enterprise networks. In this blog post we will detail […]

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What Makes Advanced Malware So Scary?

Malware is code that is written to accomplish a malicious purpose. In most cases the malware also has the ability to spread or infiltrate other systems or programs. Sometimes the malware’s purpose is just to show off the author’s hacking prowess, but more recently the purpose has typically been to make money, steal information or […]

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Hotel Wi-Fi May Not Be the Most Secure Way to Surf

Forget the hotel Wi-Fi. Now that the Federal Communications Commission is cracking down on hotels and other businesses trying to force you to use their networks, it’s time to consider a more secure way to connect to the Internet. The FCC warned businesses Tuesday that Wi-Fi blocking violates the Communications Act, and it’s an illegal […]

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Data Privacy Day: How ISACA Will Advance Privacy Best Practices in 2015

Today marks Data Privacy Day, and ISACA is proud to be a champion of this initiative. The purpose of Data Privacy Day is to raise awareness and promote privacy and data protection best practices. The debate over privacy seems to have shifted to a larger discussion about new types of personal information, such as location […]

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The Cybersecurity Canon: Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World’s First Digital Weapon

The Cybersecurity Canon is official, and you can now see our website here. We modeled it after the Baseball or Rock & Roll Hall-of-Fame, except for cybersecurity books. We have 20 books on the initial candidate list but we are soliciting help from the cybersecurity community to increase the number to be much more than […]

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