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The Innovative CIO: How IT Leaders Can Drive Business Transformation

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  • ISBN13: 978-1-4302-4410-3
  • 304 Pages
  • Publisher: Apress
  • Publication Date: December 12, 2012
  • Available eBook Formats: EPUB, MOBI, PDF

“Does your organization fumble when it comes to innovation? ‘TheInnovative CIO’ presents a pragmatic guide to overcoming the 10 ‘innovationkillers’ within your company.”  –Dennis McCafferty “CIO Insight”, 1.23.2013 (

“Are you unwittingly stifling your employees’ entrepreneurial spirit? ‘TheInnovative CIO’ discusses ‘innovation killers’ that could be holding back yoursmall business or startup.” –Paul Shread “TIME/Business & Money”, 1.29.2013 (

The Chief Information Officer’s influence in the business organization has been waning for years. The rest of the C-suite has come to regard Information Technology as slow, costly, error-prone, boring, and unresponsive to business needs. This perception blinds company leaders to the critical value IT can deliver and threatens the competitive health and long-term survival of their enterprise.

The modern CIO must reassert the operational and strategic importance of technology to the enterprise and reintegrate it with every department and level of the business from boardroom to mailroom. IT leaders must design, sell, and implement a vigorous culture of IT competence and innovation that pervades the enterprise. The culture must be rooted in bidirectional exchange across organizations and C-level policies that drive technology innovation as the engine of business innovation.

The authors, international IT strategists and innovators, quantify the benefits and risks of IT innovation, survey and rank the myriad innovation opportunities from mature, new, and emerging technologies,and identify the organizational structures and processes that have been proven to deliver ongoing innovation. Buttressing their brief with dozens of case studies and specific examples, The Innovative CIO shows you how to:

  • Take advantage of the IT and business innovation opportunities created by new and emerging technologies
  • Shift IT innovation from afterthought to prime mover in strategic business planning
  • Inject IT into the dynamic core of your organization’s culture, training, structure, practice, and policy

What you’ll learn
* Grasp the business basics of new information technologies:

  • Virtualization
  • Cloud Computing
  • Consumer-Driven IT
  • Bring-Your-Own-Device
  • Personalization
  • Process Automation
  • Mobile Computing
  • E-Commerce
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Social Networking
  • E-Collaboration

* Judge the business opportunities presented by new and emerging technologies.
* Deploy new technologies to create and release new products.
* Use new technologies to penetrate and capture new markets.
* Harness new technologies to accelerate M&A time-to-value and add shareholder value.
* Apply new technologies to improve staff retention and productivity.
Who this book is for

The Innovative CIO targets all IT leaders—not only CIOs, but also VPs and directors of IT and IT operations, datacenter managers, and all other IT leaders who aspire to advance their careers as IT-providers to business leaders. This book serves secondarily as a guide to non-IT business leaders who are alert to the ways that IT can boost their abilities to innovate, to turbocharge their products, services, and processes, and to compete nimbly in fast-changing markets.

Andi Mann is vice president of Strategic Solutions at CA Technologies. With over 20 years’ experience across four continents, Andi has deep expertise of enterprise software on cloud, mainframe, midrange, server and desktop systems. Andi has worked within IT departments for governments and corporations, from small businesses to global multi-nationals; with several large enterprise software vendors; and as a leading industry analyst advising enterprises, governments, and IT vendors – from startups to the worlds’ largest companies. He has been widely published including in the New York Times, USA Today, CIO, ComputerWorld, InformationWeek, TechTarget, and more. He has presented around the world on virtualization, cloud, automation, and IT management, at events such as Gartner ITxpo, VMworld, CA World, Interop, Cloud Computing Expo, SAPPHIRE, Citrix Synergy, Cloud Slam, and others. Andi is a co-author of the popular handbook, ‘Visible Ops – Private Cloud’; he blogs at ‘Andi Mann – Übergeek’ (, and tweets as @AndiMann.

George Watt is VP of Corporate Strategy for the Cloud Computing organization at CA Technologies. For more than 25 years, George has been helping customers simplify and automate their complex IT infrastructures. Prior to his current role, George founded CA Technologies Engineering Services team, which is responsible for protecting the company’s intellectual property, managing the consolidated source code repository, and providing automation and development tools. In this role George led the development of CA Technologies own private cloud and enjoys sharing his lessons learned with customers who are now venturing on a similar journey. Formerly a CA customer, George joined the company in 1988, beginning as a Systems Engineer and later transitioning into many roles over the course of two decades, including leading R&D field teams in Canada and other technical SWAT Teams. In these roles George delivered several innovations such as a lightweight event management agent and a knowledge base for a neural network-based predictive performance management solution. Many of George’s innovations are now available to CA Technologies customers as product components or features.

Peter Matthews is a Research Staff Member in CA Labs the research arm of CA Technologies. After training as a teacher he retrained to make the transition into computer software and after over 30 years in IT, Peter has worked with software on systems ranging from Mainframe to Smart phones. Prior to joining CA 16 years ago he worked for Ingres first as a consultant and finally as a development manager for Secure Ingres. During his time at CA he has worked with databases, infrastructure management and neural networks with customers from major banks and industrials to soccer clubs and start-ups. Peter’s current research areas are; service oriented architecture in particular Cloud Services, social networking and IT value management. He is also CA Labs representative to the European Commission with respect to research projects and strategies. In previous years Peter was a contributor to CA strategy process and published several papers on SLA, SOA and Value. He has also published a book on Ingres database applications. Peter’s outside interests include field hockey, cooking and painting.

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