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Day One enhanced: Introduction to Software Defined Networks

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Day One enhanced - Introduction to Software Defined Networks (SDN)

Day One enhanced: Introduction to Software Defined Networks (SDN) is an informative and entertaining look at one of the more interesting technological shifts in networking in the past few years. Juniper Networks Engineers Tom Nadeau and Dan Backman take on the challenge of describing something that is still evolving in committee in a new Day One enhanced format. It’s an fascinating approach to a moving target using video interviews and whiteboard sessions to accompany the text.

Thomas D. Nadeau is a Distinguished Engineer in the PSD CTO Office at Juniper Networks where he is responsible for leading all aspects of Software Defined Networks and Network Programmability. Thomas received his BSCS from The University of New Hampshire, and a M.Sc. from The University of Massachusetts in Lowell, where he has been an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science since 2000. Tom is an active participant at the IETF, ONF and OIF. Tom has published two books including MPLS Network Management: Tools and Techniques, Morgan-Kaufman, and Network Management Know It All, Morgan-Kaufman, and most recently, Juniper Day One Enhanced: Software Defined Networks (SDN). Tom is also finishing up a new book entitled Software Defined, Driven and Programmable Networks for O’Reilly Publishers that is expected by mid-2013.

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