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Something new 4 a New Year

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It’s been such a long time that I don’t write anything 4 myself on my blog. I’ve got so many things 2 say but still wanna keep it for myself… Just wanna speak out loud today that I’ve just got something new 4 myself 4 the New Year. Well you can guess what it’s all about. Life’s mystery 4 all of us 2 find, he he ….

Philip Hung Cao

8 thoughts on “Something new 4 a New Year

  1. he he, e biết 1 trong những b� mật năm mới của anh rồi nh�. Ch�c anh th�nh c�ng!

  2. Sometimes the heart see what is invisible to eye. My eyes were closed but my heart was opened at that time to hear what were going on to my dearest friends. hehehe.
    Let it be! Wait to see…

  3. He he. How can I forget that precious moment? But I thought you fell on sleep at that time, he he….

  4. ……….
    C� những niềm ri�ng một đời dấu k�n
    Như r�u như rong đắm trong bể khơi
    C� những niềm ri�ng một đời c�m n�n
    N�n khi xu�i tay c�n ch�t ngậm ng�i.

    I only share my mystery with my leo princess, if she’d love to…

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