A First-Hand Experience with CISSP CAT

Patrick Strijkers is a 43-year-old information risk security officer at a pension funds firm in the Netherlands. He works in the IT security department in security incident management. Patrick’s employer runs a job rotation program, allowing him to gain experience in a variety of roles, with his next position coming invulnerability management this September. He [...]

Is it Time for a Cyber National Guard?

With more emerging risks and more data breaches, we continue to hear about the shortage of cybersecurity professionals with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to protect our information technology infrastructure, especially in the government and public sector. For instance, in the United States, we know that our federal, state, and local governments are communicating [...]

Clarifying What Zero Trust Is – and Is Not

Last fall, I wrote about how people were beginning to understand the essence of Zero Trust.  Since then, there seems to have been an inflection point in industry’s embrace of Zero Trust, and now, even more people are advocating it, more vendors are posturing it as a go-to-market message, and more enterprises are moving towards adopting [...]