Meet Your Cybersecurity Advocate: 5 Questions with Tony Vizza

Tony Vizza, CISSP, is the newest addition to the (ISC)² Cybersecurity Advocacy team! Based in Sydney, Australia, Tony works with corporations, government agencies and academic institutions to encourage collaboration across the industry, effective cybersecurity curriculums and strong legislation to attract and enable the workforce we need to manage the Asia-Pacific region’s most critical security issues. Tony has […]

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Can Blockchain Help Fight Digital Ad Fraud?

If you are a netizen, you must have already noticed how certain ads pop up while you are surfing videos on YouTube. Most of the times, these advertisements have close connections to the products and brands you have been searching recently. However, this is not the case always! Finding fake ads of reputed brands like […]

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Healthcare CISOs: Manage infosec risks and safeguard patient safety

Prominent CISOs from leading health systems and providers throughout the country have come together to establish the Provider Third Party Risk Management Council to develop, recommend and promote a series of practices to manage their information security-related risks in their supply chain and to safeguard patient safety and information. Members of the Council observed their supply chains […]

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Empowering Executives with Security Effectiveness Evidence

After decades of presentations and prayers, security has finally become a business imperative for executives and boards alike. Business leaders are speaking publicly about championing security investments, as it’s important for shareholder value and future expectations. In fact, evidence-based security effectiveness measures are finding their way into annual reports (10-Ks), committee charters, and corporate governance […]

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Avoiding the Security Pitfalls of Digital Transformation

By 2020, 60 percent of enterprises will be implementing a digital transformation strategy as they seek to leverage technologies such as cloud and software-defined infrastructures. However, as they embark on a digitization journey, too many are ignoring security risks that could bite them back later. Earlier this year, telecommunications giant AT&T developed a cybersecurity report based on […]

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