Preventing the Next Digital Black Swan: The Auditor, The CISO and The C-Suite

Their brand names are notorious in cybersecurity circles: Equifax, Uber, Maersk and Saudi Aramco. Each of these businesses suffered a big breach – cyber incidents that, together, affected many millions of customers. But it wasn’t only consumer data that was compromised; these companies took huge reputational hits as well. Today, all organizations live in fear of experiencing [...]

Software-Defined Perimeter Architecture Guide Preview

The Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) Working Group was founded five years ago, with a mission to promote and evangelize a new, more secure architecture for managing user access to applications. Since the initial publication of the SDP Specification, we’ve witnessed growing adoption and awareness throughout the industry. As practitioners, vendors, evangelists, and guides, we (as the SDP working [...]