The Multiple Options for Multi-Factor Authentication

How do you prove you are you? In the physical world, we have birth certificates and driver’s licenses to prove we are who we say we are. Yet this question becomes more difficult when you are trying prove yourself to a computer system. Thankfully, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) can help in a variety of ways. MFA [...]

Convincing Organizations to Say “Yes to InfoSec”

Security departments have their hands full. The first half of my career was government-centric, and we always seemed to be the “no” team, eliminating most initiatives before they started. The risks were often found to outweigh the benefits, and unless there was a very strong executive sponsor, say the CEO or Sector President, the ideas [...]

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Security Congress

Security Congress is less than three months away! This year’s biggest and best cybersecurity conference will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana from October 8-10. Attending this year’s event can earn you as many as 46 CPEs for the year. To make sure you get the most out of #ISC2Congress, here are five things to do [...]

Avoiding Cyber Fatigue in Four Easy Steps

By Jon-Michael C. Brook, Principal, Guide Holdings, LLC Cyber alert fatigue. In the cybersecurity space, it is inevitable. Every day, there will be a new disclosure, a new hack, a new catchy title for the latest twist on an old attack sequence. As a 23-year practitioner, the burnout is a real thing, and it unfortunately comes in [...]