Blockchain: The Glue That Binds the Internet of Things

One of the hottest emerging technology topics surrounds the Internet of Things (IoT), or as some have characterized it, the Internet of Everything. A McKinsey Global Institute report estimates that by 2025, the global financial impact of the IoT could reach between $3.9 trillion to $11.1 trillion a year. Every industry will potentially benefit from [...]

What is Automated Cybersecurity?

These days, cyberattacks are heavily automated by machines. If organizations try to defend against these attacks manually, the fight becomes man versus machine, with highly unfavorable odds for the organization. To successfully protect against automated attacks, it is essential to fight fire with fire – or in this case, machine against machine – by incorporating [...]

2017 Cybersecurity Predictions: Price of Ransomware Continues to Increase in Asia-Pacific

2016 was a challenging year for organisations particularly as cyber adversaries achieved high-profile success, mainly with ransomware. Organisations in Asia-Pacific are no exception. The year also taught a valuable lesson that no industry vertical is safe; if there is a hole in your security, a determined adversary will find it. 2017 should be an opportunity [...]