CSX Practitioner Boot Camp Gives Security Pros An Edge


Editor’s note: ISACA Now recently sat down with Frank Downs, ISACA’s senior manager cyber/information security, to discuss CyberSecurity Nexus’ (CSX) new CSX Practitioner Boot Camp.

What is CSX Practitioner Boot Camp?
CSX Practitioner Boot Camp is a great opportunity for cybersecurity professionals looking for a more thorough mastery of the hands-on, complex and advanced technical skills they need to protect and defend their enterprises and advance their careers.

The five-day, intensive cybersecurity course will help attendees make significant gains in their training and prepare them for the CSX Practitioner (CSXP) certification exam. It provides an environment to discuss and practice methods implemented by cybersecurity professionals in key areas aligned with global cybersecurity frameworks. The CSXP was recently named Best Professional Certification Program by the 2016 SC Magazine Awards. Becoming CSXP certified is a testament to an individual’s real-life skills and shows employers that he or she has the knowledge and technical ability to walk into an organization and do the job from day one. CSXP Boot Camp is also a great opportunity for organizations that want to develop their cyber workforces.The immersive training will prepare students for five key cybersecurity responsibilities:

  • Identify:  Identification, assessment and remediation of threats and vulnerabilities in internal and external frameworks
  • Protect:  Implementation of cybersecurity controls to protect a system for identified threats
  • Detect:  Detection of network and system incidents, events and compromise indicators and assessment of potential damage
  • Respond:  Execution of comprehensive incident response plans and mitigation of cyber incidents
  • Recover:  Recovery from incidents and disasters, including post-incident response documentation and implementation of continuity plans

What sets it apart from other cybersecurity training?
What really sets CSXP Boot Camp apart—and what makes it so exciting and innovative—is that it is conducted in an adaptive, live, hands-on cyber lab environment, which enables students to build their critical technical skills by learning complex concepts and applying industry-leading methods. Participants will use the latest open-source tools on actual, real-world scenarios. Attendees receive a complimentary 6-month subscription to the virtual cyber lab environment where they can continue practicing and building technical skills.

Another differentiating factor is the use of PerformanScore®, a learning and development tool that measures a professional’s ability to perform specific cybersecurity job tasks. PerformanScore recognizes that there are multiple ways to respond to cybersecurity threats, so it measures performance skills across the entire solution set of possibilities. It compares a professional’s actions to grading criteria, and then references those actions against an adaptive scoring rubric in real-time, allowing instructors to give immediate feedback and helping professionals to better learn and understand more efficient cybersecurity techniques.

Why should a cybersecurity professional make the investment in CSXP Boot Camp training?
Eighty-one percent of respondents to ISACA’s 2016 Cybersecurity Snapshot survey said they would be more likely to hire a candidate with a performance-based certification, so obviously a cybersecurity certification is critical to anyone interested in a cybersecurity career. The Boot Camp positions cybersecurity professionals very well for the CSXP certification exam, which is exactly what cybersecurity hiring managers are looking for. Upon completion of the course students will be prepared to serve as workforce-ready cybersecurity professionals.

Who should attend the Boot Camp?
It is for professionals with up to five years of experience in a cybersecurity role and an intermediate technical skill set. If you are interested in registering for CSXP Boot Camp, you should already demonstrate proficiency in the following areas:

  • Network scanning
  • Specialized port scans
  • Network topologies
  • Network log analysis
  • Centralized monitoring
  • Hotfix distribution
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Compromise indicators
  • False positive identification
  • Packet analysis

When/where does the Boot Camp take place?
The expert-led Boot Camp courses will be offered at five US locations in 2016:

  • Chicago, Illinois (4-8 April)
  • Washington, D.C. (11-15 April)
  • New York, New York (16-20 May)
  • Denver, Colorado (13-17 June)
  • San Francisco, California (20-24 June)

How Do I Register?
To register for the CSXP Boot Camp, please click here.

Frank Downs, Senior Manager Cyber/Information Security, ISACA

[ISACA Now Blog]

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