CSA releases the Cloud Trust Protocol data model and API


Creating tools to support Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) transparency and assurance

Thanks to the support of our peer reviewers and contributors (including the EU projects SPECS, A4Cloud and CUMULUS), we are pleased to announce the release of the CSA Cloud Trust Protocol (CTP) data model and API specification.

The Cloud Trust Protocol (CTP) is designed to be a mechanism by which cloud service customers can ask for and receive information related to the security of the services they use in the cloud, promoting transparency and trust.

A prototype implementation of the CTP API will be released as open source by mid-December 2015. This will allow us to validate and fine-tune the CTP API in a set of concrete use-cases. CTP peer reviewers will be provided early access to the CTP code repository.

The Cloud Security Alliance is a partner in the EU FP7 SPECS project.

About the SPECS project

The SPECS project aims at developing and implementing an open source framework to offer Security-as-a-Service, by relying on the notion of security parameters specified in Service Level Agreements (SLA), and also providing the techniques to systematically manage their life-cycle.

For more information about the SPECS, visit the SPECS website at http://www.specs-project.eu/ or follow us on twitter @FP7SPECS.

[Cloud Security Alliance News]

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