ISACA CEO Matt Loeb: Cybersecurity Month Highlights Challenges and Opportunities

We are at a pivotal moment in time. Cyberattacks continue to escalate, and they have now emerged as a top technology risk in the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks 2015 report. Exacerbating this issue is the widening gap between demand and supply of properly trained cybersecurity professionals. We are in the midst of what is […]

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(ISC)² Associate Program: The Entry Pathway to a Cybersecurity Career

As noted in our latest Global Information Security Workforce Study, the majority of security professionals (78 percent) anticipate the greatest need for new hires at the entry-level in their organizations. With a predicted shortage of 1.5 million global cybersecurity professionals by 2020, we must put efforts behind bringing more entrants into the industry. It’s one […]

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The Blind Spot of Insider Threat

Security threats from inside the organization are increasing, but too many organizations hesitate to address the issue. They’re afraid that monitoring employee behavior implies they don’t trust employees. Today, the reality is that employees are often unintentional actors. They’re increasingly being used as vectors and vessels by sophisticated cyber organizations, which want employee credentials to […]

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People of Palo Alto Networks: Get in on the Ground Floor

Technology is great. People are better. “People of Palo Alto Networks” celebrates the employees who preserve our unique culture of innovation and collaboration. Episode 2 Watch us break ground on our new campus. Big changes are in the future for us – want to be a part of it? Get in on the ground floor […]

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CryptoWall 3, the Cyber Threat Alliance and the Future of Information Sharing

Executive Summary The Palo Alto Networks vision for threat information sharing is that cybersecurity vendors should share the intelligence that they all individually collect with each other and with whomever else has the capacity to consume it. In that way, each vendor can build more innovative products with that superset of intelligence and better protect their […]

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