Meet AutoFocus!


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Tired of sorting through endless logs to find the threats in your network that matter most?

Meet AutoFocus!

Our new threat intelligence service harnesses global threat data and spotlights meaningful and pervasive events, so that you can take action now.

Ready to get started? Use the AutoFocus cheat sheet!

AutoFocus Cheat Sheet

autofocus cheat sheet

  1. Focus in on the AutoFocus dashboard for a bird’s eye view of your network, industry, and global threat landscapes.
  2. Find suspicious artifacts, such as URLs, IP addresses, and domains that are highly associated with malware.
  3. Set up prioritized alerts for threats identified by Unit 42, the Palo Alto Networks threat intelligence team.
  4. Export suspicious artifacts from AutoFocus to support a PAN-OS firewall block list or integrate with a SIEM solution.

AutoFocus API

Bring threat intelligence into your own service or application with the AutoFocus API, which lets you search through get details on samples, sessions, tags, and more through a secure, RESTful API.

Send Us Feedback!

Have you used AutoFocus? Share your experience with AutoFocus by leaving a comment below or email us at! We could feature your use case in an upcoming version of the AutoFocus documentation!

[Palo Alto Networks Blog]

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