How Data Center Threats are Evolving


Cyber attacks are on the rise and the costs to businesses are increasing – recent estimates show that this could be as much as $USD500,000 and take an average of 24 days to identify and resolve. These figures in isolation make the situation appear dire. But understanding the cyberattack lifecycle before it reaches your data center – how a breach occurs, what happens once it’s in, and even just how long it takes to resolve – means you’re in the best position possible to prevent a successful attack from taking place at all.

Think about securing your organisation not as a house, with your security at front and back doors, but as a hotel, with security segmented by rooms and access levels. Network segmentation means multiple layers of protection that prevent hackers from moving freely within the network should they break through one layer.

Check out this infographic in other languages:

[Palo Alto Networks Blog]

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