Guiding Auditors in an SAP Environment

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems automate and integrate the majority of a company’s business processes, producing consistency. They do this by sharing common data and practices across an organization, leveraging one-time data entry, and providing access to information in real time. To help in this working environment, ISACA recently released a go-to reference book for […]

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Using Cybersecurity Economics to Gain the Upper-hand Against Attackers

Favoring a more integrated approach to cybersecurity, businesses are taking a hard look at ways to improve security by increasing spend, developing talent and managing policies. But the price tag associated with these changes begs the question: How much does one need to spend in order to gain footing against attackers?  In a recent column for SecurityWeek, Scott Gainey […]

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Security Talent Management: Leveraging the “Cool”

When governments routinely address cybersecurity as part of their policy, you know that the topic is of national interest. When vulnerabilities are found in—and researchers demonstrate attacks against—computer systems in medical devices, automobiles and airplanes, you know that the significance extends even farther. While that kind of recognition is important for the profession as a […]

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Test Drive Our Next-generation Firewall for Amazon Web Services

Want to see for yourself how well our VM-Series firewall works with Amazon Web Services? You can. Head here to access a guided tour of Palo Alto Networks VM-Series using hands-on lab exercises in AWS. The Test Drive lasts about one hour and allows you to build policies, troubleshoot, execute a simulated attack that is then […]

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Here’s What the Convergence of Corporate IT and Operational Technology Means for Cybersecurity

For many years, a topic of conversation in the utilities space has been that the traditional corporate IT and operational technology (OT) worlds are converging. In the IT world, it’s the hardware, software, network resources and other devices used for back-end functions that perform various business operations, such as sales, development, maintaining customer information, billing, […]

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