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Top Digital Trends Affecting Organizations Today—And What You Should Do About Them

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When it comes to the use of technology decision making, the stakes for the business have never been higher. Investing in the right technology at the right time can very often mean direct competitive advantage to the business. Investing poorly, at the wrong time, or not at all (especially when competitors do so) can instead mean the business operates at a disadvantage relative to peers and competitors.

At the same time, the time window that organizations have to consider the options available to them is decreasing. It seems like digital trends and new technologies arise quickly and appear from seemingly out of nowhere, leaving organizations relatively little time to evaluate trends, understand the risk and rewards, and make an informed decision about investment. And, as we know, making an informed decision about value and risk tradeoffs for any technology or digital trend can be complicated. We need to consider business value added, new risks introduced (and old risks potentially mitigated), cost of the investment, possible disruption to business teams and numerous other factors.

To help with these challenges, ISACA is making a new resource available: ISACA Insights. The purpose of Insights is to identify the most impactful digital trends that organizations should consider in their strategic decision making:

  1. Big data analytics
  2. Mobile technologies
  3. Cloud computing
  4. Machine learning
  5. Internet of Things
  6. Massive open online courses
  7. Social networking
  8. Digital business models
  9. Cybersecurity
  10. Digital currency

Insights consists of a top 10 report describing the high level trends in business-accessible language and supplemental individual trend reports highlighting specific trends with an eye to overall organizational risk and value. Because the reports are short and business-accessible rather than technical, they are easily understood by those on either the technology or business side of the organization. They can be used as a discussion aid between business and technical teams—for example, to help business teams understand the risk impact of a particular trend or to help technical teams understand the business value drivers that might be driving interest in a particular trend or technology area.

Over the next few weeks, ISACA will be looking in depth at some of the information outlined in these reports and some of the risk, value and security implications of each of the top trends. Making a holistic decision about the risk vs. reward associated with investing in any particular trend means understanding both sides of the risk equation—the value to the business in adopting, the potential business risks associated with failing to adopt, as well as the technical risks that can be introduced when adopting these trends.

I encourage you to view the report on the top 10 trends, as well as the more in-depth reports on each of the top four trends. All are free at

Ed Moyle
Director of Emerging Business and Technology, ISACA


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