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Love Is…

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“Love from a pirate”

3 thoughts on “Love Is…

  1. Răng lại chong :”( Em chỉ đang học cch sống v suy nghĩ thực tế hơn thi …

    Sure, I’m both enjoying & enduring B-)

    Yr valentine is waiting swhere in this world. Come to her soon, my bro!

  2. Ch, b Bohuc lm anh chong qu. Out of sight, out of mind: Xa mặt, cch lng, phải khng h? Tnh yu khng vĩnh cửu, chỉ c những khoảnh khắc của tnh yu mới vĩnh cửu thi em ạ. Tận hưởng v trn trọng những khoảnh khắc tnh yu m em đang c nh.

  3. Love never fails, just dies…
    I love you, forever … till we part
    You are part of my heart … till s.o else comes in

    Out of sight, out of mind; an old saying goes :”)

    Ever anything lasts forever? The best can-do is to live each day to the fullest.

    Yesterday is history
    Tomorrow is mystery
    Today is a gift…

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