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New PCNSE Exam Now Available

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Our Palo Alto Networks Education and Certification team is pleased to announce the availability of the new Palo Alto Networks Certified Security Engineer (PCNSE) exam. This new role-based certification replaces the previous technology versioned certifications to better prepare you for your career leveraging Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Security platform.

The exam covers topics related to PAN-OS 8.0 software, Panorama, GlobalProtect, and other aspects of the Palo Alto Networks network security platform that a firewall administrator needs to know to design, install, configure, maintain and troubleshoot the vast majority of Palo Alto Networks implementations. (Note: This exam does not cover Aperture, Traps or AutoFocus.)

The PCNSE Study Guide and Blueprint supplies an overview of the exam and explains its scope as well as how a candidate can register and prepare for it. The study guide also shows the objectives covered by the exam, and provides sample questions and resources for candidate preparation.

Why Certification From Palo Alto Networks Matters

A gap in cybersecurity skills and the needs of the industry rank among the top issues facing organizations today. As the fastest-growing security vendor, we realize that training and certifying skilled resources helps our customers tackle their cybersecurity goals confidently.

The majority of Palo Alto Networks customers are moving from legacy technologies to our Next-Generation Security Platform to consume the most advanced features and ensure maximum protection against digital attacks. This transformation to network, endpoint and cloud protection is best achieved with properly skilled resources. The certification program from Palo Alto Networks validates that credentialed individuals possess the Next-Generation Security Platform knowledge necessary to prevent successful cyberattacks and safely enable applications.

There are several other notable benefits of certification from Palo Alto Networks, including having:

  • Projects done right the first time
  • Consistency of implementation
  • Improved team performance and productivity
  • Faster identification, investigation and remediation of issues

Palo Alto Networks certification benefits not only organizations but also the individuals by showcasing their knowledge of the Next-Generation Security Platform. It provides an immediate improvement to their professional profile and, for those with their sights on the future, aligns them with the fastest-growing security company.

For more information, visit the PCNSE Certification page or join us for CERT FEST, our upcoming PCNSE exam preparation workshop.

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