By David Shearer, CISSP, CEO (ISC)²  I was recently reading an article by my colleague, ISACA CEO Matt Loeb, that got me thinking. In his piece, Creating cyberculture, Matt creatively reworks the “cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility” mantra with his seatbelt analogy. While I certainly applaud any effort to create an inclusive cybersecurity culture – and Matt has […]

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Welcoming the APAC WildFire Cloud

In service of delivering superior security outcomes, we must aggregate massive quantities of unknown threat data from a global community of users. Once this data is brought together, it should be rapidly processed, correlated and acted upon as new prevention controls. In order to support thousands of customers and petabytes of data in one central […]

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Five Questions With National Security Expert and CSX North America Keynoter Matt Olsen

Editor’s note: Matt Olsen, national security expert and co-founder of IronNet Cybersecurity, will deliver the opening keynote address at CSX North America, which will take place 2-4 October in Washington, D.C., USA. Olsen, who says ‘no company should go it alone in cyber space,’ visited with ISACA Now about the role of cyber professionals in counterterrorism, evolving […]

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How to Hack Neural Networks

If only neurologist Oliver Sacks, who wrote “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat,” were still alive! He would find today’s neural networks (the hot new trend from the artificial intelligence community) extremely amusing. His book describes a man whose brain damage results in the man thinking his wife’s head is a hat. Maybe there […]

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Palo Alto Networks Day Japan 2017: Evolving Cybersecurity Efforts to Increase Trust in the Digital Age and Prevent Cyberattacks

Palo Alto Networks Day 2017, our third annual global cybersecurity conference in Japan, was a great success, attracting over 2,600 registrations. The number of attendees has more than doubled each year of the conference; and the spike in attendance reflects growing interest in cybersecurity updates on next-generation technology, the current cyberthreat landscape, Japan’s cybersecurity policy, […]

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