Weekly Security Headlines: WannaCry, NSA, Pen Testing and more…

Kazuar, Windows Defender and Worst-Case Scenarios The WannaCry Ransomware attack continues to dominate the news cycle, and we’re sure you’re closely watching developments and taking appropriate US-CERT precautions. But from Microsoft issuing an emergency patch for Windows Defender to the NSA director sharing his cyber fears to Gizmodo phishing for Trump administration officials, last week […]

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How Can We Get More Young People Excited About IT?

There are a lot of exciting things happening in the IT field, which means there’s a tremendous amount of growth occurring in a lot of businesses. With that growth comes the need to hire cost-effective talent. This begs the question: How can we get more young people excited about launching careers in IT? Why IT? […]

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Threat Brief: WanaCrypt0r– What We Know

Situation Summary This Unit 42 blog provides an update on the threat situation surrounding the WanaCrypt0r ransomware attacks and how the attack propagates. Initial reports said that the WanaCrypt0r attack began as part of a spam/phishing campaign. Unit 42 and other researchers have concluded that these reports are not substantiated. While the initial attack vector […]

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