Help ISACA Mark its 50th Year, Look Toward the Next 50

Planning is well underway to lead into ISACA’s 50th year in 2019, mark the anniversary, and carry momentum forward into the next decade and beyond. From outreach nearly a year ago to ISACA’s past presidents —an early tap of their ideas and insights — to anniversary footings now in place, importance, inclusivity, curiosity and enthusiasm characterize efforts to date.

And today is an important date, as ISACA debuts one of those footings — and a digital one at that. The first phase of our anniversary microsite,, is up and running. The site will serve as a hub for stories, to gather and share history, for celebrating toolkits, to post anniversary news and updates from around the global, and to predict our future. It will lead the way to bring our anniversary theme to life:

Honor Our Past. Innovate Our Future.

As you read this, the site is having its first show-and tell during the ISACA Regional Leadership Conference, beginning today in Las Vegas. The site, the celebration underway and to come, is theirs, yours, ours. It has taken a collective effort to reach such a proud milestone, so it is only natural that the global ISACA community enjoys the celebration together: is just the start. We encourage you to share your story of what ISACA means to you, as well as any images, videos or other materials — whether related to ISACA or the professions we serve — that will help enhance anniversary programming.

The anniversary logo is featured prominently on There is meaning to its design, and we hope you sense its energy. Concentric circles in the “50” represents the perpetual motion and innovation that have been hallmarks of ISACA’s past and present, and will be even more prominent going forward. Fittingly for a future-minded tech organization such as ISACA, envisioning and embracing the possibilities of the next 50 years will be a rallying point of our celebration.

Beyond the web portal, there are many other in-progress plans to commemorate this demarcation of the past and future. Another foundational element is an immersive, innovatively designed event exhibit. Preliminary concepts feature interactive, responsive technologies to illustrate history, ISACA contributions and milestones, people and impact, and a central “Future Visions” booth to capture and enhance visitor experiences and aspirations — for themselves, for ISACA, for our industry and for the world.

A third and just as essential early anniversary element are plans, creative programs and packaged toolkits to prompt celebrations of all shapes, sizes and durations by and for ISACA chapters, volunteers, leaders, members and engaged professionals the world over. The anniversary provides a clarion call, as ONE global community, to deliver ISACA’s Purpose and Promise:

  • Help you realize the positive potential of technology
  • Inspire confidence that enables innovation through technology

Indeed, you will see, hear and feel the impact of Purpose and Promise as we honor, and as we innovate over the course of our anniversary years.

ISACA has an incredible story to tell. Consider the seismic shifts in technology that have unfolded since 1969, when a small group of individuals in the Los Angeles area formed the EDP Auditors Association, which eventually became ISACA. For the past five decades, ISACA has been at the forefront of helping professionals and their enterprises navigate the fast-moving technology landscape. Our ability to do so for the next 50 years is even more imperative given the scale of global digital disruption we’re experiencing.

This is a special time for ISACA. Our global professional community — growing each year in number and impact — will honor our past and innovate our future together. It will be a fun, enlightening and rewarding celebration.

Stay tuned – there will be much more to share, know and do in the coming months and years. It is time to Honor Our Past. Innovate Our Future. A first visit to is a great place to start!

[ISACA Now Blog]

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