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PAN-OS 8.0: Announcing New and Expanded Partner Integrations

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The Palo Alto Networks partner ecosystem has over 100 industry-leading security and IT providers. To support the growing number of customer use cases, we proactively build integrations with a select few strategic partners to drive deeper engineering-to-engineering technology integrations. We’re pleased to announce a few new ones along with the recent release of PAN-OS 8.0:

ServiceNow Integration

Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform, including WildFire and AutoFocus, now integrates with the ServiceNow Security Operations tool, reducing risk by speeding the time to mitigate incidents leveraging automated workflows. This integration drives compelling customer value by automatically enriching the context around security incidents, enabling security teams to make faster and more effective decisions, as well as driving automated creation of ServiceNow tickets to simplify workflows.

New MineMeld Ecosystem

The MineMeld application is now integrated with AutoFocus, allowing customers to drive automated prevention from any third-party source of threat intelligence. In order to provide the widest and deepest visibility into the threat landscape, we built an extensive ecosystem of threat intelligence partners, including commercial, open-source and private providers. In addition to the pre-built integrations, MineMeld is extensible and can easily aggregate, correlate, validate and drive automated prevention from other organizations.

Preventing Credential Theft and Abuse

Further enhancing our threat prevention capabilities, Palo Alto Networks is delivering new capabilities to prevent credential theft by addressing both the theft of passwords and the use of stolen passwords. One of the many ways this is being done is through implementing contextual control over access with policy-driven multi-factor authentication. This is done from the network firewall, without changing the application’s native authentication methods, and extends to integrations with Okta, Duo Security and Ping Identity.

Learn more about the new third party technology integrations within PAN-OS 8.0.

[Palo Alto Networks Research Center]

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