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CSA releases Quantum-Safe Security Glossary

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The Cloud Security Alliance’s Quantum-Safe Security (QSS) Working Group announces their latest release with the Quantum-Safe Security Glossary. The QSS Working Group was formed to address key generation and transmission methods and to help the industry understand quantum-safe methods for protecting networks and data. The working group is focused on long-term data protection amidst a climate of rising cryptanalysis capabilities. As the working group continues to produce documents to address concerns in a quantum world, the opportunity to share terms to provide a starting point to learn more about quantum-safe security.

This glossary is a collective contribution of the QSS Working Group to increase quantum-safe security awareness, and includes a compilation of common terms used in the world of quantum-safe cryptography. The document was created with the working groups input and went through an open peer review for collaboration and completeness. However, quantum-safe cryptography is a very dynamic issue, prone to unpredictable patterns and instability. In anticipation of these characteristics, the QSS Working Group plans to update this document from time to time moving forward. For more information on the Quantum-Safe Security Working Group, please visit

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