Support Design Should Begin at the Start

Everyone can think of a moment when they have experienced a problem with goods or services. Everyone can also think of a moment after the problem that…wait for it (drumroll)…there was poor customer support or no support at all. So where does the disconnect between an enterprise’s strategic objectives and its failure in the eyes [...]

3 Fundamentals for Secure Cloud Adoption

Organizations must concentrate on a prevention-focused security architecture for cloud deployment — designed to stop threats across all potential attack vectors. The key questions to consider when adopting cloud services include: 1. Who’s really responsible for our data? You. In public cloud environments, as the data owner, you’re responsible for your data — not the cloud [...]

2017 Cybersecurity Predictions: Financial Sector Attackers Exploit Cracks in Blockchain Technology

This post is part of an ongoing blog series examining “Sure Things” (predictions that are almost guaranteed to happen) and “Long Shots” (predictions that are less likely to happen) in cybersecurity in 2017.   This year saw some notable cybersecurity events in the financial services industry, including thefts from a number of SWIFT (Society for [...]