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CSX Europe Illuminates Key Cyber Security Insights and Advancements

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ISACA’s inaugural CSX Europe conference convened last week in London, and I had the privilege of serving as emcee. During a panel discussion on the second day of the conference, Mark Sayers of the UK’s Cabinet Office discussed the announcement that morning of the UK Government’s £1.9bn investment in a national cybersecurity strategy—a strategy that makes clear the UK’s preparedness for cyber attacks and will include a cyber security skills strategy. Sayers made it clear that organizations like ISACA are extremely important to further the initiative.

The cyber security event left a strong impression on attendees, including several critical takeaways:

•  Collaboration is critical. Intel’s Raj Samani emphasized collaboration and communication to best contend with today’s threat landscape. Professionals on the more technical side need to be able to communicate with business decision-makers and other stakeholders to effectively solve problems. As speaker Aviram Zrahia notes, “one company’s detection become another’s protection.”
•  Internet of Things devices pose new security challenges. Security professionals are capable of preventing attacks, but consumers need to understand that connected devices have security vulnerabilities. Justine Bone, director and CEO, MedSec, presented the findings of ISACA’s new firmware security report, highlighting how easy it is for security to be overlooked when creating IoT devices.
•  New solutions are needed. In closing the conference, technology futurist Simon Moores observed that organisations will no longer be able to handle the scale of cyber threats alone. In many cases, automated, cloud-based solutions involving artificial intelligence (AI) will be part of the solution, though there is no substitute for developing a highly skilled workforce.

The conference also provided another valuable networking opportunity through ISACA’s Connecting Women Leaders in Technologyprogram, which is helping to advance female leadership within the global technology workforce.

Editor’s note: Additional insights from global security experts will be on display at CSX 2016 Asia Pacific, set to make its debut 14-16 November in Singapore. Next year’s CSX Europe conference will take place in London on 30 October-1 November 2017.

Richard Hollis, CISM, CRISC, CPP, PCI, QSA, Chief Executive Officer for Risk Factory Ltd and emcee of CSX 2016 Europe

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