Implementation Life Cycle “Posterized” in Free COBIT 5 Download


COBIT 5’s Seven Phases of the Implementation Life Cycle have been “posterized” into a free download that illustrates the framework’s program management, change enablement and continual improvement life cycle.

The poster is part of the COBIT 5 framework for the governance and management of enterprise IT, which is highly valued by commercial, not-for-profit and public-sector organizations. Enterprise executives, IT professionals and business consultants depend on its globally accepted principles, practices, analytical tools and models to drive business value from trusted information and technology. Among the more popular elements from COBIT® 5 are the diagrams illustrating important practical concepts.

The July COBIT 5 poster centers on the Seven Phases of the Implementation Life Cycle diagram. The seven phases include:

Phase 1—What Are the Drivers? Which identifies current change drivers and creates at executive management levels a desire to change that is then expressed in an outline of a business case.
Phase 2—Where Are We Now? Which aligns IT-related objectives with enterprise strategies and risk, and prioritizes the most important enterprise goals, IT-related goals and processes.
Phase 3—Where Do We Want To Be? Which sets a target for improvement followed by a gap analysis to identify potential solutions. Some solutions will be quick wins and others more challenging, long-term tasks.
Phase 4—What Needs To Be Done? Which plans feasible and practical solutions by defining projects supported by justifiable business cases and developing a change plan for implementation.
Phase 5—How Do We Get There? Which provides for the implementation of the proposed solutions into day-to-day practices and the establishment of measures and monitoring systems to ensure that business alignment is achieved and performance can be measured.
Phase 6—Did We Get There? Which focuses on sustainable transition of the improved governance and management practices into normal business operations and monitoring achievement of the improvements using the performance metrics and expected benefits.
Phase 7—How Do We Keep the Momentum Going? Which reviews the overall success of the initiative, identifies further governance or management requirements and reinforces the need for continual improvement. It also prioritizes further opportunities to improve GEIT.

COBIT® 5 – The Seven Phases of the Implementation Life Cycle

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Peter Tessin, Technical Research Manager, ISACA

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