Africa CACS Keynote Herman Konings to Introduce “Cathedral Thinking”

Trend analyst and consumer psychologist Herman Konings will present the Africa CACS 2016 closing keynote address, titled Cathedral Challenges: What Happens After What Comes Next? Konings is a genuine storyteller who inspires the spectator on an engaging course about the amazing world of passions and interests, trends and future expectations, and about what is and […]

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Palo Alto Networks Researchers Discover Two Critical Internet Explorer Vulnerabilities

Palo Alto Networks researchers discovered two new critical Internet Explorer (IE) vulnerabilities affecting IE versions 9, 10, and 11. Both are included in Microsoft’s July 2016 Security Bulletin, and documented in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-084. In our continued commitment to the security research community, these vulnerabilities were disclosed to Microsoft through our participation in the Microsoft Active Protections Program […]

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Why User-Based Controls Are Critical to Your Breach Prevention Strategy

Employees, customers and partners connect to different repositories of information within your network, as well as to the internet, to perform various aspects of their jobs. These people and their many devices represent your network’s users. It’s important to your organization’s risk posture that you’re able to identify who they are — beyond IP address […]

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