June’s COBIT 5 Poster Details Process Capability


The June edition of the monthly COBIT 5 poster series features a graphic summary of the six levels of process capability and their related attributes. These capability levels attributes are aligned with ISO/IEC 15504.

The poster charts the six levels of capability that a process can achieve, from an incomplete process that is not implemented or fails, to an optimized process.

Each capability level can only be achieved after the previous level has been fully met. For example, before assessing a process as an established process (process capability level 3) attributes of a managed process (level 2) must first be fully achieved.

Achieving level 1 differs from higher capability levels in that it is at least partially achieved once there is evidence that the process simply exists and has only one process capability attribute to assess. Each higher level adds different attributes so enterprises can choose a target level based on cost-benefit and feasibility. Rarely will enterprises choose the highest process level (level 5), which is a predictable process that is continuously improved to meet current and projected business goals.

The six process capability levels include:

  • 0 Incomplete
  • 1 Performed
  • 2 Managed
  • 3 Established
  • 4 Predictable
  • 5 Optimizing

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For more information on COBIT 5 click here, and to see/download all of the COBIT 5 posters, click here .

Peter Tessin, Technical Research Manager, ISACA

[ISACA Now Blog]

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