Confident Endpoint Visibility Responds to Modern Data Protection Problems


Consumer tech adoption has outpaced tech evolution in business for more than ten years. SaaS and cloud solutions, new apps and devices are at the disposal of empowered workers, making it very easy for employees to get what they need to work anywhere or—despite policies forbidding it—take career-making IP as they exit one company for the next. Legacy backup can neither unlock nor disarm these threats.

At the same time, data has become the new currency: cyber-crime syndicates have boomed with new variations on stealing or disabling data, particularly spear phishing and ransomware targeted at employees. As for breach, the headlines say it’s not a matter of if. It’s when. Legacy backup, long rejected by workers, simply cannot address these threats.

Finally, encrypted data moving through the network has made the intelligence it houses opaque—even to its stewards. A CISO recently shared with us that more than 75% of his network traffic is encrypted, making it nearly impossible to identify the threats facing his organization.

While it’s safe to say encryption is a must, it also means the focus of security must shift to the endpoints to mitigate risk and regain control.

Modern endpoint backup sees what you can’t
Modern endpoint backup gives IT and InfoSec the ability to see, monitor movement of and recover data housed on every employee device.

It neutralizes the threat of ransomware by making up-to-the-minute data recovery simple and fast. It decreases the cost of litigation by leveraging a complete dataset for legal holds, and it supports rapid response and remediation of breach via data attribution—with or without the device. From a productivity perspective, modern endpoint backup makes everyday challenges like data migration a lighter lift for IT and end users.

In response to modern data security problems, more than 39,000 businesses—including ten of the most recognized brands in the world, the 7 of the top 10 technology brands, and 7 of the 8 Ivy League schools—have adopted Code42 to regain visibility and mitigate risk.

In 2008, Code42 launched its enterprise endpoint backup software—knowing it was time for backup to catch up. Now approaching its sixth-generation platform, Code42 provides visibility of all the data through a single console and the real-time recovery and security tools the enterprise needs to be more resilient, more accountable, and more defensible.

Modern endpoint backup imparts the right to “Be Certain” in the face of modern data protection and security problems. We invite you to find out how.

Joe Payne, President and CEO, Code42

[Cloud Security Alliance Blog]

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