From Control to Enablement: Key Lessons From the IT Audit Director Forums


Digital transformation, emerging technologies, cybersecurity, Internet of Things (IoT), increased adoption/understanding of technology by business areas and other trends are having a huge impact on organizations and the IT audit profession.

Speed to market and innovative implementation of technologies are more important today than even five years ago. It’s innovate or perish. At the same time, organizations are intent on increasing their understanding of cybersecurity threats and managing their exposure.

Enterprises want to guarantee that their capital investments are of high quality, address and/or create market demands, and do not expose themselves to cyber threats. The world of audit and assurance is evolving quickly to ensure that these challenges are met.

Changing IT Audit’s Perspective
Organizations are looking to IT auditors to not only ensure quality but also realize the positive potential of technology. By leveraging new technologies to measure quality and ensure compliance and proper operations, the assurance profession will continue to play a critical role in the success of organizations. Fundamental to this thinking is changing our perspective from one of control to one of enablement. This change raises numerous important questions:

  • How are your peers addressing the evolution to enablement?
  • How have they redefined their roles to be enablers?
  • What can ISACA do to help with this evolution?
  • How do we facilitate discussion among our stakeholders to address these emerging and highly relevant topics?
  • Do we have the right skilled people in the right positions to provide the value that organizations require from us?
  • How do we retool our existing audit professionals?
  • How do we attract the best talent and then keep them motivated and committed?

We’ll be discussing these very issues during a live webinar entitled Key Lessons from the IT Audit Director Forums on Tuesday, 14 June, at 11 a.m. (CDT). Click here to attend.

IT Audit Thought Leadership
ISACA has been hosting IT Audit Director Forums at our CACS conferences as a way to present thought leadership from key experts, gather constituent insights and challenges and facilitate discussions around topics chosen by our constituents. The IT Audit Director Forums facilitate and encourage peer to peer discussions around relevant topics, such as the impact of data analytics and IoT on the assurance profession.

During this webinar, we will walk through the key lessons of the most recent IT Audit Director Forums and identify the top challenges that you face today and in the future. If you were unable to attend the IT Audit Director Forums at the recent CACS conferences, I highly recommend that you attend this webinar. This is a great opportunity to hear what your peers are doing, their concerns and their solutions.

This is an exciting and challenging time within the IT audit profession as organizations work to meet the challenges of digital transformation and other critical issues. It’s up to us as professionals to help lead the way. In the future, we would like to hear from you on the biggest challenges you face and how we at ISACA can provide the right tools, templates, knowledge assets and research to help you.

To attend the Key Lessons from the IT Audit Director Forums webinar on Tuesday, 14 June, at 11 a.m. (CDT), click here.

Frank Schettini, Chief Innovation Officer, ISACA

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