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Open Survey: Defeating Insider Threats

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We have a new survey entitled “Defeating the Insider Threat and Shoring up the Data Security Lifecycle

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Time: 10-15 minutes

Prizes: 5 CCSK Tokens

Goal of the Survey:
Everything we know about defeating the insider threat seems not to be solving the problem. In fact, evidence from the Deep and Open Web points to a greatly worsening problem. Today’s employees work with a number of applications and with a series of clicks information can be both maliciously and accidentally leaked.

The purpose of this survey and research is to uncover:

  • The extent of employees leaking critical information and tradecraft on illicit sites
  • Data types and formats being exfiltrated along with exfiltration mechanisms
  • Why so many of these threats go undetected
  • What happens to the data after it has been exfiltrated
  • Tools to disrupt and prevent the data exfiltration cycle
  • Possibilities to expunge traces of data once exfiltrated

[Cloud Security Alliance Research News]

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