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Five Ways CompTIA Certifications Have a Positive Impact on You and Your Career

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Earning certifications to prove your knowledge and skills is the norm in the IT landscape, and that doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon. Still, often it requires time and money to earn those certifications. Exactly what difference do they make?

Well the results are in. The CompTIA 2016 IT Career Insights study asked current certification holders about their experiences post-certification, and shows that CompTIA certifications make a world of difference, both for career and self-growth. Check out five ways they do so.

Personal Satisfaction / Confidence

According to the 2016 IT Career Insights Study, the number one area impacted by earning a CompTIA certification is personal satisfaction. It may not be the first thing that comes to mind in helping find a job, but you’d be surprised! Those who have confidence in their skills and abilities are more likely to come across as effusive and competent, whether it’s socializing at job fairs or listing accomplishments during an interview. Having a healthy level of self-confidence is essential to landing, and keeping, the job you want.

Professional Development

Following a career path means you need the room and training opportunities to grow your profession. It’s all about tackling more responsibilities, upward mobility and the potential for a larger salary. CompTIA certification holders picked professional development as the second most important area their certifications helped. With no limit as to how many CompTIA certifications you can earn, the certifications’ different areas of expertise are perfect for long-term professional growth.

Career Satisfaction

We all know the importance of holding down a job, but you should also keep your future career path in mind. CompTIA certifications can help with both short- and long-term career goals! For now, a certification can increase the likelihood of landing a job. In the future, the number of different CompTIA certifications, and their different areas of focus, represent a series of solid career building opportunities that are there whenever you are ready.

Job Attainment

Anyone who has been job hunting knows it’s difficult to stand out from other applicants — especially when you and the other applicants all have similar skill-sets. Adding a CompTIA certification to your LinkedIn profile and resume goes a long way. It’s a great way to prove your skill-set and help your resume avoid the rejected pile! Most importantly, it verifies your knowledge and proves to potential employers that you’re motivated in maintaining and developing your skills.

The Right Job

Feeling motivated and eager to work every morning is a vital part of a satisfying job. But it can be hard to find a balance between easily managed tasks and tackling those that challenge you to grow your skills. Earning different CompTIA certifications can help find that sweet spot, thanks to the designated skills and knowledge they focus on. It can help employers, and you, find the right job level according to what certs, and thus what skills, you already have.

The categories above represent the international findings of the CompTIA 2016 IT Career Insights Study. If looking only at the U.S., the findings differ slightly, with job satisfaction ranking higher than career satisfaction. That job satisfaction ranks higher in the U.S. does not come as a total surprise – it’s tougher to find a job in the first place, as the U.S. has been experiencing high numbers of unemployment, nearly 10 percent in April 2009, since the 2008 economic recession. Overall though, the categories of highest importance remain consistent to both domestic and international CompTIA certificate holders.

Are you curious to experience what kind of a difference a CompTIA certification could make for you? Check out our certifications and find one or more that could be right for you.

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