Emerging Approaches in a Cloud Connected Enterprise: Containers and Microservices

Presenter: Anil Karmel, Co-Founder and CEO of C2 Labs
Date: Jan 28–10:30am PT (6:30 GMT)

Containers such as Docker and CoreOS Rkt deliver incredible capabilities to developers and operators and are powering the DevOps revolution in application development and deployment. Docker in particular has taken industry by storm, resulting in over 400 million downloads and 75,000+ containerized applications in this open source platform. With all this new found power come significant challenges and concerns. Come learn how containers and micro-services work, understand the security challenges with approach, and strategies to address the same.

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Next-Gen Mobile Security: What comes after MDM?

Presenters: Salim Hafid and Neal Mhaskar, Bitglass
Date: Feb 3rd–10:00am PT (6:00 GMT)

BYOD is an adoption, not a rollout. In fact, 57% of employees refuse MAM or MDM on their personal devices. What are the drawbacks of MDM? How can your organization both drive adoption and effectively secure BYOD?

In this webinar, we’ll answer those questions and discuss next-generation mobile security solutions that can help secure corporate data across managed and unmanaged mobile devices.

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Road Map to CSA Star Certification: Module 1

Presenter: John DiMaria, BSI
Date: Feb 11th–9:00am PT (5:00 GMT)

With Japan’s introduction of the quartz wristwatch in 1969, the majority Swiss market share dropped from 80% at the end of World War II to only 10% in 1974 . Ironically, it was the Swiss who had invented the quartz watch but failed to see its potential.

When a paradigm shifts, you cannot ignore change and count on past success. New technology, like the quartz in watchmaking, can revolutionize a market, creating a tectonic shift in accepted practice. The advent of the Cloud is such an advancement in technology and optimization of its capability – the new paradigm. Technological developments, constricted budgets, and the need for flexible access have led to an increase in business demand for cloud computing. Many organizations are still wary of cloud services, however, due to apprehensions around security issues. There is a real concern across the globe about the accelerated rate that companies are moving information to the cloud and the subsequent demise of physical boundaries and infrastructure. How organizations evaluate Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) has become key to maximizing that optimization. CSA STAR Certification has proven to be the security standard of excellence in the cloud security market.

In this first of three modules being offered by the co-authors of CSA STAR Certification – The British Standards Institution (BSI) and The Cloud Security Alliance, you will learn the history behind the vision and take the journey down the road to the certification, but more importantly review data on how it helps organizations optimize processes, reduce costs and meet the continuing rigorous international demands on cloud services.

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The State of Office 365 Security

Presenter: Doug Lane, Vaultive
Date: Feb 17th–9:00am PT (5:00 GMT)

Microsoft Office 365 adoption skyrocketed in 2015, but security and compliance questions are still keeping many organizations on the sidelines. What built-in security features does Microsoft provide, and under what circumstances are they good enough? Which industries and use cases call for a third party Office 365 security solution? Join us as we discuss these questions and provide an overview of the state of Office 365. You’ll walk away with everything you need to jump start your Office 365 security planning efforts in 2016.

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