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Palo Alto Networks-AirWatch Integration: A Breakthrough In Mobile Security

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VMware has been at the forefront of disruption in the datacenter, changing the notion of what it means to build the infrastructure that supports tomorrow’s applications and workloads. We’re very proud to work very closely with VMware to deliver the necessary security for the dynamic, virtualized data center.

But VMware is also a driving force for change in mobile computing, with its AirWatch technology providing the means for organizations to manage applications and data on both corporate and BYOD smartphones and tablets. Palo Alto Networks and VMware are proud to announce an expansion of our relationship to address the security requirements for mobile computing.

Users expect to access applications (both internal and in the cloud) at any time, and this introduces complexities to an organization that must make access secure. There are many concerns, including the use of mobile devices in an unsafe manner, the ongoing risk of exploits and malicious content, and the potential that a user may bring an infected device to work and expose the corporate network.

The new integrated capabilities between AirWatch and Palo Alto Networks address these needs by providing a tight link between the device state, security policy on what it can access, and threat intelligence on dangerous content.

There are three key integration points between AirWatch and Palo Alto Networks technology:

  • Malware Detection:  Palo Alto Networks WildFire identifies known and previously unknown mobile malware. By integrating the intelligence provided by WildFire with AirWatch, joint customers can identify infected applications and take immediate and automated action for security and containment, such as creating an application blacklist.
  • Network Protection:  Organizations need to make sure only approved devices are used with sensitive applications and networks. AirWatch integration with Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect HIP (Host Information Profile) provides a direct tie between information about the mobile device, its configuration and what data and applications the device can access.
  • VPN and Network Security:  Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect provides a secure connection between AirWatch managed mobile devices and the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall at the device or application level utilizing per-app VPN. This ensures there is consistent inspection of traffic and enforcement of network security policy for threat prevention, wherever the user goes.

These capabilities open the doors to new possibilities, for they allow organizations to support mobile computing and make it safe by providing the necessary security to address risk. Together with AirWatch we deliver true protection for mobile devices by addressing security at multiple levels: device security, network security, and application security.

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