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Get An Enterprise Risk Report and Learn What’s Really Happening On Your Network

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The sheer volume of malware, application vulnerabilities and advanced persistent threats makes it difficult for security teams to make the right decisions when it comes to protecting their networks. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to understand exactly who and what have been trying to get onto your network, and where threats are coming from?

Well, there is.


Palo Alto Networks Enterprise Risk Report (ERR) provides actionable security intel that allows you to make targeted recommendations based on an analysis of your actual network traffic. It helps you better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current cybersecurity posture and serves as an effective tool for showing management exactly what your network is up against and how to minimize your organization’s exposure to risk.

Get your customized Enterprise Risk Report underway by registering here.

Your custom report will include:

  • Total scope of unknown threats observed
  • Percent of malware undetected by top AV solutions
  • Malware prevented by Palo Alto Networks WildFire™
  • Application threat vectors and malicious file types
  • Additional threat intelligence for your organization

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