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3 Use Cases for Panorama

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Did you know that you can find use cases for our products on our Technical Documentation portal? Our use case examples provide realistic scenarios and/or topologies that display a complete start to finish configuration. Besides showcasing the primary capabilities of the product, they highlight features that may be overlooked or that complement each other.

In this post, we share 3 use cases for Panorama.

1. Use Case: Configure Firewalls Using Panorama

panorama 1

This use case is based on a scenario where you want to use Panorama in a high availability configuration to manage a dozen firewalls on your network: you have six firewalls deployed across six branch offices, a pair of firewalls in a high availability configuration at each of two datacenters, and a firewall in each of the two regional head offices.

To read more about the workflow for designing a central management strategy for this scenario, see Use Case: Configure Firewalls Using Panorama.

2. Use Case: Monitor Applications Using Panorama

panorama 2

This example takes you through the process of assessing the efficiency of your current policies and determining where you need to adjust them to fortify the acceptable use policies for your network. The use case provides information on how to analyze traffic data from applications and also provides suggestions on what changes to make to your policy configuration.

For more information, see Use Case: Monitor Applications Using Panorama.

3. Use Case: Respond to an Incident Using Panorama

panorama 3

This use case traces a specific incident and shows how the visibility tools such as incident notifications, threat logs, WildFire logs, and data filtering logs on Panorama can help you respond to the report. The use case also provides suggestions on updating the security policy following the analysis of an incident.

For more information, see Use Case: Respond to an Incident Using Panorama.

Want more use cases?

To find use cases for other products, select Use Case from the Information Type search facet on the Document Search.

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Have a specific use case that you think we should document? We’d love to hear about it! Email us at [email protected].

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