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Palo Alto Networks Again Revolutionizes Enterprise Security with the Introduction of Advanced Endpoint Protection Offering

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Offers Preventative Approach to Stop Cyber Threats at the Endpoint

Palo Alto Networks Santa Clara, CA , Sep 30, 2014 at 5:00:00 AM
Santa Clara, Calif., September 30, 2014 – Palo Alto Networks® (NYSE: PANW), the leader in enterprise security, today announced the availability of Traps, a revolutionary and unique Advanced Endpoint Protection offering designed to prevent sophisticated cyber attacks on endpoints, sparing IT security teams from cumbersome remediation, patching, and often futile recovery scrambles.

Despite major advances in network security, endpoints remain vulnerable to many advanced attacks, especially as increasingly mobile workforces move outside protected enterprise networks.  Legacy endpoint security products require prior knowledge of a threat in order to prevent it, or worse, use an approach that only identifies a new threat after it has compromised the endpoint.

This reactive model results in a never-ending chase after the thousands of new malware attacks that emerge each day, as well as the expanding number of software vulnerabilities that can be used to exploit an endpoint.  These approaches offer little hope or possibility of recovering data that has already been hijacked by an attacker.  Putting an end to the reactive run around, Traps proactively prevents attacks on the endpoint, including unknown malware and zero-day exploits, before they do any damage.


  • “The key differentiator with Traps is its ability to automate the process of protecting the endpoint. Most of the products in the industry today largely deal with informing us that there’s a problem and little more; that leaves us to manually deal with the effort of remediating the endpoint, takes time and leaves us vulnerable.  With Traps, that is done automatically and it is done nearly instantaneously, which is a major win.”

— Golan Ben-Oni, CSO and SVP Network Architecture, IDT

  • “The proven effectiveness of the Traps endpoint capability over other heuristic and signature-based approaches, together with Palo Alto Networks WildFire and next-generation firewall, makes the secure enablement of our entire business possible.”

— Dr. Andres Rohr of RWE Supply & Trading

  • “With the introduction of Traps, we are redefining the endpoint security market much like we did the network security market with our next-generation firewall.  Traps and our platform as a whole are designed to revolutionize enterprise security by putting prevention front and center, closing the door on cyber threats before they can get in and cause damage.”

— Lee Klarich, senior vice president of Product Management at Palo Alto Networks

Since the acquisition of Cyvera and the technology behind Traps, Palo Alto Networks has expanded global support and services operations to meet enterprise customer needs, and completed several key enhancements, including:

  • Integration with Palo Alto Networks WildFire – Traps blocks malware by leveraging the full knowledge of Palo Alto Networks Threat Intelligence Cloud;
  • Added exploitation and malware prevention modules – extends Traps support to include the latest attack techniques; and
  • Enhanced forensics – provides a rich set of reporting for better visibility and understanding of attacks that were prevented.

Natively Integrated Platform Extends Protection Enterprise-wide

The integration of Traps with the Palo Alto Networks Threat Intelligence Cloud brings security of the network and endpoint together under a single common architecture, known as the Palo Alto Networksenterprise security platform, and delivers unparalleled enterprise-wide security and automated threat prevention capabilities, reducing risk across an organization at every stage in the attack kill chain.  It also eliminates management complexity and myopic point product-related security silos that can leave gaping holes in an organization’s security posture.


Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection, offered as a subscription service, is available now from authorized Palo Alto Networks channel partners.  The offering is inclusive of all functionality including exploit prevention, malware prevention through WildFire integration, forensics, and premium support.

To learn more about Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection from Palo Alto Networks, visit:

About Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks is leading a new era in cybersecurity by protecting thousands of enterprise, government, and service provider networks from cyber threats.  Unlike fragmented legacy products, our security platform safely enables business operations and delivers protection based on what matters most in today’s dynamic computing environments: applications, users, and content.  Find out more

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The Time Has Come: Advanced Endpoint Protection is Here!

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It’s not often a company has an opportunity to disrupt an entire industry…. twice.  When we introduced the first next-generation firewall back in 2007 we set out on a path to redefine the network security market.  Today, over 19,000 organizations rely on Palo Alto Networks to protect their networks against the most sophisticated, targeted attacks.

We take our responsibility to those organizations very seriously, and today we’re announcing an important next step: Advanced Endpoint Protection.  If we’ve learned anything from the recent round of breaches, it’s that endpoints remain highly vulnerable to attacks.  Even the most advanced network security architectures can’t protect against every threat vector.  And legacy endpoint security approaches that rely on prior knowledge of the threat, or active scanning, are simply ill equipped to protect organizations from this new era of attacks.

Today marks the official launch of Traps, an Advanced Endpoint Protection solution that truly tears the covers off traditional approaches and exposes them for what they are: misguided attempts at addressing a very real problem.  This isn’t just a product launch. This is the beginning of a new market: a market defined by its ability to turn the tides and rebuild lost confidence, and a market grounded on the principle that attacks can be prevented.

This new Advanced Endpoint Protection market will be defined by solutions that can deliver on the following:

  • Must be able to prevent all exploits, including those utilizing unknown zero-day vulnerabilities
  • Must be able to prevent all malware, without requiring any prior knowledge
  • Must provide detailed forensics against prevented attacks to strengthen all areas of the organization by pinpointing the target and techniques used
  • Must be highly scalable and lightweight to seamlessly integrate into existing operations with minimal to no disruption
  • Must integrate closely with network and cloud security for quick data exchange and cross-organization protection

Carry this list in your back pocket.  As you consider the different approaches to endpoint security we hope you evaluate the underlying technology against these five criteria.  And of course we hope you take the time to evaluate Traps and see for yourself how we’ve delivered not only one of the most advanced approaches in the market, but also one that integrates natively into our Enterprise Security Platform.

adv endpoint protection


[Source: Palo Alto Networks]

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